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june results
  casinocasino, Jul 02 2012

been getting asked for results so decide to put something up... first h of the month i was playing sngs, so not huge volume

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offering coaching
  casinocasino, May 26 2012

for nl100/200 HU players for $100 per hour, or 3 hours for $75 each.

I used to play NL1000 HU a before, I made a good clip, but i was mostly bum hunting and was not very good.

Only recently I have been playing the mid stakes games recently, sitting across multiple tables "waiting for donks" but routinely joining other regs; i average about 300-500hands per hour because of this and I am constantly in action.

I usually never coach, but I think its the right time. I think most of my students will only need 1-3 hours.

PLEASE Inquire with PM for details and the expected outcourse.

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Poker Traveling Entourage?
  casinocasino, May 07 2012

I have been working on a few projects on the side and one of them requires to go on a 52 week route trip working on small independent tasks along the way. I will be starting at the end of the summer and hopefully by then I can find some team-mates who might be interested in rooming along(Interested??? PM me)

- starting in Europe or Asia and ending at the opposite choice.
- I will try to play 40 hours of poker a week.
- I have some specifications but generally nothing fixed here are some of the places of consideration Dublin, Casablanca, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taiwan, I plan to go along a fixed route to visit as many places as possible while maintaining travel costs to a minimum.

Anyways this goes out to the traveling poker players, please respond if this appeals to your considerations.

update more soon.

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